Monday, January 31, 2011

TC Headbanging

In common slang a headbanger is associated with the like of metal bands or Beavis and Butthead. But to us cyclists we will undoubtedly connect with those kings of commentary Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. We may conjure some fantastic image of Jens Voigt hammering the cranks of his machine until he can on longer see strait, the peloton sweeping him up with ease and disappearing out the back. Much like banging your head into a wall the pain can be torturous but, in the end, after all your effort, the wall remains intact.

And so it was, my first real headbanging session took place at approximately 10am yesterday morning. Now, I'm normally tired after but not like I was yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the session Chad chose (prolly not), the road ride in the wind I did with Cricket the day before or just plain lack of strength, but from start to finish my screw was being turned. Toward the end of the first interval I realized I was openly grunting as more than one person asked if I was alight. "Well, yea I'm cool. Just getting my ass kicked right now." Mind you that response was post-interval. I could only muster a lazy head bob during and I swear that simple bob put me over threshold for a few seconds. The grunting continued on the following intervals and the wall, the stationary bike going nowhere, was the only thing I had to focus on.

The truth is there actually was no wall after the session, no peloton to sweep me up and snatch all my glory away. The real truth is that after I was filled with a sense of accomplishment; 1 part lactic acid 4 parts fatigue, but a good sense that what I did will pay off soon.

I was also happy when I was able to smuggle out the hidden camera I had placed before the session. One Chad knew nothing about. You see I was able to capture some of the real magic that happens at TotalCyclist; stuff the general public isn't aware of. I bet you'd like to know how Chad creates riders that seem to be forged out of steel. Wanna know his deepest secrets? I warn you the following is a little graphic but is 100% accurate.

We did the head and neck strengthening portions yesterday; (3:38) Chad's idea of headbanging. Abs are next week.


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