Team TotalCyclist – The TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Racing Team is primarily an off-road racing team. The team name comes from our current title sponsor, TotalCyclist©, a world class training and coaching center based in Charlotte, NC. The center offers state-of-the art power training, yoga & fitness classes as well as coaching and race announcing.  

The team's mission is simple: race hard and give back! We train hard and ride hard as a group and share stories of victory and defeat while displaying huge muddy grins on our faces. We give back to our generous sponsors and raise awareness and funds for The Jimmie Johnson Foundation and other charities.

Philosophy – We are a diverse team of men and women cyclists of varying abilities, individual race goals, and experience.  At the same time our team is marked by several distinguishing characteristics common to the team as a whole which we feel make us unique to the local cycling community:

  • First and foremost, we enjoy the collegiality and friendship of being part of an organized team with members we have known (and raced against!) for many years.
  • This close knit team concept means we ride together, train together, teach and learn together and spend time together off the bike.
  • We are committed to lending our support to the local cycling community at every opportunity; be it skills clinics of our own or in cooperation with other local groups, we embrace lending our expertise to those who seek it. All of us have benefitted from this philosophy in others in the past and we are committed to giving back.
  • We are all extremely competitive.  We race all over the region, and increasingly all over the country.
Learning/Teaching –As alluded to above, someone else at some point showed each of us the ropes. None of us got our start in cycling by doing it alone.  As a team we recognize that we shall never stop learning to improve our own riding and racing skills. It logically follows that we take great pleasure in extending this courtesy to others. Through team-sponsored clinics, neutral support at races and often just friendly advice regarding training and coaching, we wish to see mountain biking continue to thrive locally, and do our part to swell the ranks of the local riding community.

Racing – If there is a trail in the dirt we will race it!  We'll race each other. We'll race in national events with prize money and one-off events where only bragging rights are at stake. We steadfastly believe that competition makes us faster wherever we can find it.  Some team members focus on high-speed Cross-Country racing; others on Ultra-Endurance events (in reality we all do a good deal of both). From Charlotte to Colorado, Short Track to Stage Race, the TotalyCylist team will be found wherever there is a start/finish line.
Training - The indisputable foundation of our competitive success is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This training technique is beyond question the most effective means to increase power and fitness for all cycling disciplines. We train weekly at the facilities of our Title Sponsor. Having one of the premiere indoor training facilities in the country at our disposal has given us a measurable competitive advantage.