Monday, January 17, 2011

ehhh, watts up doc?

The "PAIN CAVE" (as we affectionally refer to the TotalCyclist training center) delivered another New Years dose this past Sunday as the MTB team revved up for a grueling session that left most whimpering after the workout. The session started with a nice gradual warm up block of stair steppers (40%, 60%, 80%,100%) each lasting a few minutes and then a break of several minutes. The kickers were the sustained 3x2 minute intervals at 100% with the 1 minute rest at 60% followed at the end with a 30 second effort at 150% of max wattage. Some folks (aka 400 watt Scott and CW) were cranking the numbers up and pushing some serious wattage and then to make matters worse, "Master C" (aka Coach Chad) increases the numbers until the pedals can no longer be turned by mere mortals...OUCH!. That should teach us to spend more time on our bikes between training sessions.

On another note, TotalCyclist just received their new high quality clothing line from ALO (Air, Land, Ocean) and this stuff rocks. I picked up a long sleeve top and pull over. Check out the site and be sure to sport some of this awesome clothing before it sells out. There is also a really cool hat from Performance Sportsware with the TC logo in either pink or orange, very cool. Check them out!

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