Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kit-tastrophe or $100 for 2 cups of coffee please.

Met up with team mate Kelly Hudson to get his race kits to him as he is the last to receive (he travels a lot). We decided to meet at the local Starbucks and upon arriving, I noticed the lot was full and this sign was right in front of me:

I decided to wait until Kelly arrived to see if a space opened up....not to be. Kelly gets there and we decide to run in for a quick cup of coffee and a short catching up session. He says, "don't worry, we will be in and out before they know it (or something like that).  I grab a seat where I can look out at the cars to make sure that they don't get towed. After about 20 minutes I got a glimpse of a guy walking by with a reflective vest on...hmmm. Cars are still there so we keep on talking. As we walk out of Starbucks, this is what greeted us:

$100 cash money and I'll let your cars go!

Das Boot

The car next to Kelly's was towed and cost them $120.00 US Dollars. We were fortunate and lucky that it was only $50.00 per car for us. Thank you Kelly for my get out of the parking lot fee.

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