Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter training series - ouch!

To improve my cycling for the 2011 season I have signed up for two sessions of the Total Cyclist winter training program. For those not familiar with this process I'll try to sum it up.

The first step in the Total Cyclist training program is designed to determine your threshold power by using a computrainer(a computerized bicycle trainer). Through a series of increasingly harder intervals, the coaches are able to determine your fitness by discerning your perceived exertion level during this exercise. Once your number is determined, all future programs are based around this number. The sessions are designed to push you to your threshold and beyond for shorter to longer periods thus stressing the body to adapt to this heavier workload. By the end of the program, you have a better understanding of your threshold power, your ability to suffer for longer periods of time and an increase of power and speed on the bike. While on the trainer, you have a large flat panel TV that provides information such as heart rate, pedal cadence, current watt output, maximum watts, watts per kg of body weight etc. The most important part is keeping your pedal rpms in a consistent range during the entire exercise. It is the best hour you could spend training.

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