Monday, November 8, 2010

...candle lit, and so were my quads

Yep that's right, we had our first training session at TotalCyclist and it was everything I thought it could be. As Baker mentioned the mission of our first session was to establish our threshold power; the point at which your body begins to produce lactic acid at a rate it can no longer flush from your muscles. It starts to accumulate and most people feel that all too familiar burn. Our goal was to find this level and stay just below it, flirting with stepping over the line but not doing so. We completed three hard intervals lasting about 5min each at a level we perceived we could hold for no more than 20min. I spun those cranks at a rate I know I could hold for only 20min and not a second more. My legs were swollen and my heart rate was pegged at 185 the entire time. By the end of the session I was spent. Man, what a day, and from what I hear this wasn't one of the hard, ass kicking, beat you into a pulp days. After a session like that it was hard, for the rest of the day, not to feel alive.


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