Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to the 2011 MTB race team Blog


The race team is a small, close-knit group based in North Carolina. Our team is created with a nod back to mountain biking’s glory days of a small team that can be proud to represent it's title sponsor, give something back to the cycling community and bond with like minded individuals that love the sport of Mountain Biking and racing. Along the way, it never hurts to have your title sponsor be a first class training and coaching facility. We aim to resurrect the idea that riding on a team means something to it’s riders and sponsor – its something to be proud of above and beyond any small shop discount or freebies that might be offered.

Our search started with an impetus to build a team and find a title sponsor that fit our ideas and goals. Along the way we extended a hand to those that we believed would truly understand our goals and who happen to be good riders, stand up folks in the community with a love of the bike. We’ve grown our team carefully, and selectively. We believe that any future riders to the team must reflect the ideas that we have built the original crew on.

No elite attitudes. We take racing and riding seriously, but it is all done in the name of fun and for personal growth and achievement. We do our best to help our team mates reach their personal goals. Be it nutrition, mechanics, or riding techniques, podium spots etc, we’re a team and there to help.

Living in the Carolinas gives us the opportunity to participate in more races that you can shake a spoke at, and we race in as many as possible from the 24 hour races, the U.S. Cup XC series, the SERC series, Wednesday night summer series, NUE 100 milers, 6hrs, 12 hrs any hours really. We have a race team that has raced the torturous La Ruta de los Conquistators, Tour Divide, 24HR World Championships, NUE 100 miler series, Adventure races, Run Marathons, National Ultra Endurace Series etc.

Our team has experience, determination and a great blend of youth to middle aged riders with backgrounds as diverse as the terrain we race on. One goal: be the best team for ourselves and our sponsors, be professional, be polite, always offer help to a fellow Mtn biker when they are stopped on a trail, always greet other cyclists with a smile, talk to kids and encourage them to become Mtn bikers, show enthusiasm and passion for the sport.

From the sweetest old growth forests of Pisgah to the tight twisty trails of Warrior Creek, the 2011 TotalCyclist MTB team will be there to participate, get results and have fun.

Stay tuned for rider Bios, sponsor links and race/training schedules.

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