Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To "INFINIT-ty" and Beyond

In 2012, I began mountain bike racing only after a year of riding.  There was still so much to learn about riding, but I just jumped in anyways.  Late in the season, I decided to take a road trip with my teammate Bonnie Kleffman and accompany her at the South Eastern Regional Championship race in Fort Payne, Alabama.   So we could race at the same time and be back on the road to make the 6-hour journey home I upgraded to Cat 2 Sport Women.   I was already considering upgrading category to Sport Women for the following year.  However, the only races under my belt were 9-12 miles in length and the Sport category races 18-22 miles! I was aware that the competition would be fierce for this series, and I was not exactly conditioned for this length of race. 

At this point in my racing career, I only carried water in my camelback and kept a gel on me just in case I needed it.  Racing in the Beginner class, I could get by on minimum hydration and fuel since it was a shorter race.  However, I learned very quickly I was running on fumes after an hour of riding.  Around the 9th mile of the 18-mile race, I hit a wall.   I felt exhausted and on top of that, I was getting light headed.  My vision was starting to blur, and I was finding it difficult to focus.  The last thing you want to happen while on a mountain bike is to lose concentration.  I finished the race, but it took a toll on me mentally and physically. 

Last fall I was asked to join the TotalCyclist mountain bike racing team.  I soon discovered that one of our sponsors was, Infinit Nutrition.  I had never heard of them, but my teammates kept raving about their products.  One day on a long training ride, I mentioned to my teammate, Chris Wieczorek about the wall I hit on every ride.  He told me he used to have the same issues with hydration and the constant struggle with balancing electrolytes and getting enough fuel.  Chris said Infinit was a game changer for him.  I made the call to Infinit, and they asked me a series of questions to learn about my training.  They created a customized formula for me based on my weight, the length of my typical races and training, and how much I perspire.  The fact that I get all crusty around my face after a ride was apparently important information for them to make my blend with the right amount of electrolytes.   Not everyone perspires at the same rate nor does everyone need the same caloric intake depending on his or her racing habits.  The cool part about Infinit products is you can pick your flavor and the intensity of the taste.  You can adjust the taste so if you like a lighter or heavier tasting drink.   

I fell in love with Infinit after my first few rides of using it.  I was able to stay mentally focused for training and races.  In order to compete in the Sport Women class, I had to start doing some serious base training with my Coach Chad Andrews at TotalCyclist.  I never imagined after only two years of riding I would be able to ride continuous for 3-4 hours!  I no longer had to fumble around with gels anymore because all my caloric needs were met with a camelback filled with my customized Infinit solution. 
Infinit helps me stay mentally sharp and physically supplies my body with the fuel it needs while under pressure.  It supplies glucose for rapid energy, is perfectly isotonic, and it is made with 100% natural ingredients!  It blends together three different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrine, glucose, and sucrose) and enables your body to process calories 30% more efficiently.  For me, it is very easy to digest and I never get any cramping.  Another cool fact is that it contains an exclusive electrolyte blend of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium gluconate, and Calcium gluconal.  I do not have to supplement with any electrolyte tablets.  

I would highly recommend anyone to call or email an Infinit representative and try this amazing solution!  Infinit Nutrition

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