Friday, October 1, 2010

Racing on my mind

Sherry and I are registered for the 6hr of Warrior Creek. Once again we will be suffering in the singlespeed class. This time we will be on the Total Cyclist MTB race team. I set my alarm this morning for 6:15( which happens to be the same time I get up every morning to push the kiddies out of bed for school) for the early bird special at $40. If you haven't signed up yet ya better get on it, just got the text they are 1/3 full already.

As for next weeks 12hr at the Tree Shaker I am still on the fence due to persistent back issue. The Sir9 has been upfitted with the massive Frisbee like 23t cog to get ready. This cog has no speed but can climb like nothing else. For some reason the thought of spinning to keep the strain off the ol back and the heart rate below 140 is the best idea for now. It seams that 58-59 min laps at springs on this cog without hardly breaking a sweat is doable.

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