Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Out With A Bang: NCCX

By: Jay Forgione

The race on Sunday was the finial race of the NCCX series. It was on the grounds of the Biltmore Estates. This was a test course for CX Nationals that will be held at the Biltmore in 2016. My race was the first of the day at 10:00am. In a combined class of Masters CX 4/5 (35/45/55), I raced in the 55 category. It was a crowded start as there were a total of 48 riders in my class! I finished fifteenth overall and first in my category, so the day was certainly a victory!
I really enjoyed the course. It was a mixture of pavement, grass and  gravel, with a lot of fast sections going into a couple chicanes. There was a tricky off camber right hand down hill in to a hard left to an up hill where I really had to keep up my speed to make it up the hill. It also had a short run up, but the best part of the course was a really steep down hill behind a barn to a tight chicane between the barn and a rock wall. The start-finish line was a paved section, so I had a good 50-yard section to sprint to the finish line which I used on the last lap to gain one more spot.!I really enjoy cyclocross racing. It's fast, the courses are challenging and you are wide open the whole time. I can't wait till next season!

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