Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Short Track #3, Race Report

The cold weather finally showed. After two weeks of fantastic, spring like weather arm and knee warmers could be seen on most riders even in the afternoon. The team had just two riders racing this week: Jamie once again smashed the Sport Men 19-39 class riding away on the first lap and never looking back. The guy looked great, particularly because I was with him on Saturday for a long base miles day of just under 4 hours. It was the first time he's experienced such a long ride the day before a race and didn't know how it would go. I get it, though. Most riders really shy away from doing too much before a short track race but really, that's not always the right thing to do especially if you wanna be fast later in the season. Sacrificing a good long, slow day on the bike just for a little freshness on Sunday morning is not worth it. If you're doing your base miles correctly (and not over exerting yourself) you actually can have a good race.

Elsa is also a great example of this as I know she had a solid day on Saturday too. TotalCyclist coach Luke Sagur would not allow such a Saturday to go to waste. Elsa continued her upward climb in the Expert Women class and finished 6th in a strong, stacked field. Both of these riders seem to really be reaping the benefits of solid winter base training, and in my experience, they will only get stronger. Watch out boys and girls these riders are out to win!

Jamie decided one race wasn't enough. He pulled out the  singlespeed in the afternoon.

Cheryl was on hand getting dirty and taking pictures of all the riders in the races we were there for. I've already posted the link to the pictures but here it is again. Please thank her by liking her Facebook page here. Nice job babe!

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