Thursday, March 3, 2011

HuRaCaN 300

Alright, the racing season will officially begin tomorrow morning. Why? Well, when one of our riders embarks on a 300 mile, three day slog through the state of Florida one can't just call it training. The HuRaCaN 300 starts tomorrow promptly at 8am and Cricket will be there with all her gear.

There are a few different categories but Cricket will be competing in the most difficult, the ITT. Essentially it's a self-support only effort where the time does not stop, very similar to the Tour Divide rules. You can check out all the details here. You can also track the riders progress here. I'll keep you all posted with whatever pics and info she sends my way. Get it.



  1. 3 days huh?
    Rumor has it she shredded the 300
    mile course in just over 31 hours and finished 2nd overall!
    (as in beat all the dudes 'cept one)!!!
    Poor fellas down there!
    Can't wait for a race report.....

  2. That's right, she killed it (them). She's back in Charlotte tonight so we should get a race report from her soon.