Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Gettin LUCKY in Kentucky"

Well this is my first attempt at a blog post and I will be surprised if anyone makes it past the second sentence. But I signed on with this team and I'm gonna do my part. Who knows, maybe the title will keep ya interested. Anyway, all this cold, wet weather has more than put a damper on my mountain biking lately, so at my last weekly training session at TotalCyclist, Cricket had a great idea. "Hey Kelly, let's come in Monday and do an Ironman" was her remark. "9 am? Sure, I'll be here" was my reply, at the time is sounded like a great idea.

I had a good weekend with some trainer time at home on Saturday and finally a real mountain bike ride on Sunday at Renaissance with Dr. D (Dane, one of my weekly riding partners). We turned out some good efforts and a successful weekend was had. Monday morning came with a text from Cricket reminding me to bring plenty of food and water…..hmmm, this should have been my 2nd clue trouble was around the corner....or over the hill in this case. The 1st clue was not taking the ONLY female finisher of the the 2010 Tour Divide Race seriously when she said “Hey Kelly, let’s come in Monday and do an Ironman”. So I bring twice my usual food for a training session (a 150 calorie bar that looked more like a 50 calorie weight watchers snack) and last I recall there was a water fountain in the back....good to go!

I show up early and roll out as usual while Chad gets the bikes set up. I make my way to the CompuTrainer to find Cricket warming up on the bike, I notice the two large water bottles attached to her bike, 3rd clue, then the huge bulge of bars and gel shots from the back of her jersey, 4th clue, LUCKY she brought double the calories she needed. About the time I saddle up and look to the screen up front, I see “IRONMAN KENTUCKY” in large red letters...5th clue is the charm….I’m history. So we head out on the Ironman Kentucky bike course. Well, a bucket of sweat and 50 miles or so later I got LUCKY in Kentucky when my time was up! Woo Hoo! I had to bolt to an appointment with Mark Kane at Kane Training to work out some imbalances, physical of course. After nearly 3 hours on the trainer I think we covered most of the mental ones! So many perks to this indoor training. I’ve only done the interval training sessions prior to Monday at TotalCyclist, it was pretty sweet to ride an actual road route indoors, unbelievably realistic, buckets of sweat, lots of laughter and all!

Merry Christmas!