Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sherry George

Sherry holds a USAC Category 2 racing license and typically races in the female single speed category. She started Mtn Biking in 2007.

2013 Race Bike: Orange One Nine

"I love mountain biking because it's outside, away from cars, where I can breathe clean air. There's a lot of trail variety out there to keep it interesting. You can go out for a Sunday morning stroll ride, sign up for a race & push yourself to your limits or anything in between."

"My favorite trail so far is slickrock but I really like going anywhere new. It's neat to see all the different types of terrain there are in these United States! I haven't hit all the trails there are yet so someday this could change" :-)

Sherrie's other interests include family :-) (husband Scott & 3 daughters, Megan, Allee, & Darby), painting pottery, traveling, cooking Thai & Mexican food, and making cool cakes.